Market Formula = Forex Trader + Metatrader

Market Formula is a site dedicated to providing forex traders with open source code for Metatrader, MT4 Indicators, MT4 expert advisors, MT4 scripts, MQL4 tutorials and forex sentiment. All code is open source and is my way of giving back to the forex community. I share my coding skill and expertise while creating tools that I use in my own forex trading and that other traders in the forex community may also find useful in this labor of love. There are several main sections covering Metatrader trading and MQL4 coding including indicators, expert advisors and scripts.

Download free MT4 indicators, Metatrader expert advisors and MQL scripts for forex traders. Read MQL4 code tutorials for Metatrader. Follow SWFX forex sentiment for currency traders.  Refer to MQL4 Trading Functions for MQL4 language reference. Read MT4 Help articles.

  1. Navar
    July 8, 2012 at 4:19 am


    I’m fairly new to programming but not in Forex. I have some time trying to develop an EA that allows me to have different objectives (TP) in terms of losing the previous operation, like the traditional martingale, but I would reduce the distance traveled in the next step, ie that if I started with TP = 30 pips SL = 15 pips can multiply the lot for, say 3, and divide the initial TP and SL between the times (3) and that’s the next TP.


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